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Wedding Oppression. Mixed marriages again.

I love weddings. I’m onto about my hundred and fourtieth. I’ve actually lost count. But I won’t be watching the Pomp and Circumstance of the Royal Wedding. I wish Prince William well and can only hope Miss Middleton has the … Continue reading

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Action Knitting

Action what? you may well ask… We have action Cricket, Action Netball, Indoor Soccer, 7-a-side Rugby. But Knitting? Action anything is usually the amped-up version, the Power Play, made for Speed. But Knitting? A friend of mine used Action Knitting … Continue reading

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Post Easter Hangover

I did a very Catholic Lent this year. It was good. In fact, the best Lent that I can remember. I did the usual thing of giving up Chocolate, but I added a number of other small disciplines, like alcohol,Red … Continue reading

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And so the Language changes again…

I’m giving a talk tonight on our need understand a new language medium for communication and Mission. I recently had a discussion with a group of young people about the concept or virtue of Modesty. I don’t think that it … Continue reading

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Judas Wednesday the Wednesday of Holy Week.

Today is Judas Wednesday. Not sure how I feel about it. Judas is one of my most conflicted characters in Scripture – How does one reconcile the everloving God with this ‘man who should never have been born’? Maybe it … Continue reading

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