The Archangel Gabriel 1

Imagine with me. (Luke 1:5-24) The most Blessed Trinity is having the Monday Morning management meeting. All the Angels, dominions, thrones and powers are present. The Almighty drops a bombshell. It is time. A collective gasp. It is time!

The Most Blessed Triune God turns to that most faithful of servants, Gabriel. Archangel. Fixer of note.

“Gabriel, to Zachariah, at incense time. A child.”

Gabriel is not known for his Monday co-operation. ‘Zachariah and Elizabeth?. Really. After so long? That’s a cruel joke, if you don’t mind me saying.

“Gabriel, to Zachariah”

“Seriously? He’s more worried about his own incontinence than a baby. And his wife is reclusive… Why just last week…”


‘Right, then – Your will be done…’ and under his breath – this is not pretty. after all this time. Who will help them look after the Baby? oh dear.

Cut to Incense time in the Temple. Zachariah is nervous. Priestly robes. hot and heavy. And incense on top of that. And the bladder. Cruel short straw…

Gabriel – in front of him. He stops short. Fear. That Bladder. No. Please. not here, not now.

‘Do not be afraid – your prayers are answered – you have the Child you desired, the greatest blessing of your righteousness. Granted by God. All is Good. LISTEN. He will be the Elijah Child.

‘In fear, Zachariah says – How will I know this is so? We’re old. I have a dodgy bladder, My Wife is reclusive – people are cruel. We’re quite content putting our feet up and pottering around the garden. Why, even coming up to Jerusalem was a problem, the dog and…

Gabriel regrets monday even more. ‘I am Gabriel – I stand in the presence of God. I am the Fixer and God has sent me to you. This is Good News! And aside, Gabriel to himself – I knew this would happen. He’s not ready, she’s not ready. Oh Dear.

Be Silent, struck so for your unbelief. But know this – it is to be.

Zachariah stumbles out of the High Place. He can’t say a word and all he’s worried about is the bladder…

And it happens, As the Angel said it would.


About sharpspear

Random musings of a Catholic Priest at the bottom end of africa. Media curious. Lover of music. not sure they even represent my views, nevermind the views of others.
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