Experiencing Holy Week – Part 3. The 6 month Rule – use it or loose it.

It’s simple. The 6 month rule for Christians read: If you haven’t used it for 6 month and don’t intend using it for the next 6 months, it no longer belongs to you.
Simple yet profound.
Apply this to Clothes – 6 months past and 6 months forward covers season changes, the things you use all the time. If you seriously examine your clothing cupboard or closet, I’m sure you like me will find that there is so much that we accumulate not by intent, but by inertia. We forget what we have. Clothes also are about fantasy – when I can fit into those jeans or those sports clothes.
A simple, practical examination of your cupboard might surprise you. It surprises me.
During this Holy Week, how about making a thorough examination of closet?
If you can face parting with the stuff that only attracts sentiment and moths, Bag it and bring it to Church on Holy Thursday or Easter Sunday – it no longer belongs to you – someone else can use it.
(On that note – here’s a hint or 2. Tie or buckle Shoes together… Sorting shoes is a nightmare if the pairs get separated and lost shoes often just get thrown away. Charity groups, the Saint Vincent de Paul society etc will decide how best to distribute your contribution. Clean underwear in separate bags/ see-through bags very helpful. Sports goods that are in good condition – if you have lost interest etc – are distributed to schools. No medication! Bedding and blankets yes, but not if they are moth eaten – we don’t want to have to fumigate!)

Now apply this to other areas in your life. Your Garage? Storeroom? Kitchen Cupboards? Bookshelves? DVD collection? Many things can be re-purposed for those who have fallen on hard times or sold on to assist charity groups.
Finally, it if is broken junk – don’t use your church as a dump! if you can’t fix it, chances are we can’t either!

Holy Week fasting can take on a new purpose and intent if we realise how much we accumulate – and then are prepared to get rid of something for the benefit of others!
I’ll be doing my cupboard this evening…


About sharpspear

Random musings of a Catholic Priest at the bottom end of africa. Media curious. Lover of music. not sure they even represent my views, nevermind the views of others.
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