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The problem of a God who weeps.

The raising of Lazarus РJn 11 and the real issue behind Jesus as fully God and fully man. Podbean Podcast of the Homily for the 5th Sunday of Lent Рthe Raising of Lazarus. Advertisements

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The muddy waters at the bottom of the well.

The woman at the well (John 4) drank muddy water. In our sanitised world of piped and purified water we forget that the social and personal snubs delivered to this woman who chooses to fetch water at the height of … Continue reading

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Wind. The exodus compounded

The wind that came up at the Red Sea would have scared me. Pursued by pharaoh and his horsemen and chariots, led away from uncomfortable security by a madman, confronted by a seemingly impossible obstacle, this would be the last … Continue reading

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Sunday homily fourteenth sunday cycle C Posted from WordPress for Android

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Go quickly – bring the poor, maimed, blind and lame (Lk.14:15-24)

Despite reading and loving Sacred Scripture and being familiar with the wealth of the Word, I’m amazed every day that I get led to see something that I have not noticed before. The Gospel for today starts with one of … Continue reading

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