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By Grace and Sacrifice.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of our Lenten Journey. And I’m scared. (expletive) scared. I’ve decided to give up social Media for Lent – 6 weeks without Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and all the other distractions of a wired … Continue reading

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Thy kingdom. A missed opportunity

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done… There is something charming, appealing and comforting about this formulation of the words of the ‘Pater Noster’. These are the words of our daily liturgy and prayer. These are the words of praying … Continue reading

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The Church as hope.

In the last three weeks, I have been on a pilgrimage of sorts. Three really. Medjagorje, World Youth day madrid and then a week in Rimini in italy. All three have pointed to one reality- the place of hope in … Continue reading

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In our place and in our time.

Passing on the language of the Faith. The Change in the Liturgical language for english-speaking Catholics is a process that is frought with controversy and and more-tha-a-fair-share of negative energy. People don’t like change. Many have been vocal about this. … Continue reading

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Wedding Oppression. Mixed marriages again.

I love weddings. I’m onto about my hundred and fourtieth. I’ve actually lost count. But I won’t be watching the Pomp and Circumstance of the Royal Wedding. I wish Prince William well and can only hope Miss Middleton has the … Continue reading

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